Posted by: sandyauden | October 10, 2011


Just a fresh note to say that the best place to find me is on facebook at the moment.

I’m writing hard and focusing on my photography too at the moment so not getting much time for posting around the net. And I’ve dropped the other photo posts off here too, at least until I find a nice way to (c) stamp them in photoshop.

In the meantime, have a great time in everything you do. I know I am.


Posted by: sandyauden | October 3, 2010

Time flies

Hmmm, when I went for that look round, I just happened to find Facebook and create myself an account over there. And there went four months in the blink of an eye!

I now have my Facebook time under better control and some more time to do other stuff instead. Which is something of a relief really, cause things are backing up.

I’ll be posting stuff about my writing on this blog in the future but let’s start with new arrivals now:

My review of Terry Brooks’ BEARERS OF THE BLACK STAFF is out in the current SFX magazine.

My October column over at features interviews with Tom Lloyd on THE RAGGED MAN, book four of the TWILIGHT REIGN series; and David Wellington on CURSED, first book in a duology about werewolves. Both are wonderful series and well worth a look.

My review of RAGGED MAN has also been delivered to Interzone magazine, so I’ll post soon when that’s been released.

All for now.

Back soon….

Posted by: sandyauden | May 1, 2010

Hello world!

It’s nice moving into a new home and on the suggestion of a good friend, I’ve nabbed myself a blog over here at Word Press.

Looks like a nice place anyhow. I’m going to go off and explore for a while but I promise I’ll be back…